How BODEX saved time and money for small and medium pharmacies

Problem Statement

For small and medium retailers in the Pharmaceutical Industry, it is always a constant struggle to find the best price of a given medicine. It takes hours to go out to a major wholesaler’s price catalog portal, do comparative shopping and then choose the appropriate wholesaler based on their best price offer. There is a lot of manual labor involved in this process.

The issue is not only to select the best price of the day for the given Rx but also to create and track an order on the wholesaler’s e-commerce system.

In summary, there are 3 aspects of the problem:

  • Manual tracking of the lowest price
  • Manual order creation
  • Manual order tracking

If not careful the retailer stands to lose financially with every transaction.

BODEX Pharma Industry Case Study


BODEX was approached by a retailer in the Pharma Industry who wanted an online portal from where they could compare the cost of pharmaceutical products (Drugs) from primary and secondary wholesalers and purchase the product at the lowest price. Its main objective is to help a pharmacist to buy products from a wholesaler at minimal cost without price-checking the product manually.

We built a multi-tenant, cloud-based software application, enabling the users of the platform to access aggregated product pricing information from multiple wholesalers on a single internet-based portal.

Firstly, the portal allows streamlined access to pharmaceutical pricing information, specific for each pharmacy or user account established on the platform.

Secondly, the application will access third-party pricing and other product information through API connections or direct-connect data connectors to the various repositories that maintain the information to be aggregated.

BODEX Case Study

Core features of the solution:

  • Provides Price Comparisons from various Wholesalers to retail Pharmacists
  • Allows Pharmacists to Order Drugs Efficiently at the lowest or the cheapest price.
  • Stores and Manages Wholesalers and Pharmacists data with their profiles.
3+ month
Estimated working hour
1500+ hrs

Technology Stack Utilized

technology stack utilized-1


Among the main benefits of using this app, our client (Pharmacist) noted the following:

  • Pharmacists can easily purchase pharmaceutical products from a wholesaler at the lowest cost without exploring the market manually.
  • Products can be searched quickly.
  • Savings of time and money.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  •  Improved Efficiency
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