How BODEX increased Production and implemented Quality Control for the Fabrication & EPC Industry

Problem Statement

In the Fabrication Industry, using software for process implementation and efficiency enhancement is not the norm yet. BODEX was deeply involved with the fabrication company to learn about their typical processes and define bottlenecks.

Production with Quality control


One of our clients from the Fabrication Manufacturing Industry reached out to us and stated their problem. They were facing some issues like –

  • Preparation of documentation took a lot of time.
  • Quality of the documents needed standardization as per ISO standards.
  • No centralized location for storing documents.
  • Managing the hard copies of documents was very troublesome and required a lot of space.
  • Management of stocks in inventory
  • Machine’s maintenance/ calibration needed to be scheduled and automated.
  • Searching for old documents since they were in printed form
  • Unable to generate custom or Ad hoc reports.

So, after understanding the problems our client was facing, we proposed a solution. We designed and developed an application to address their issues. This solution is Multitenant, Cloud-based software which allows some great functionalities like:

  • Manages the personnel as well as Stocks in Inventory.
  • Keeps the Client Documents and Reports up to date at each phase of the process.
  • Auto-Generation of reports at each step of the process.
  • Makes it easy to manage all the documents.
3+ month
Estimated working hour
1500+ hrs

Technology Stack Utilized

mean stack


And the outcome was excellent. After using the Application, our client from the Fabrication Industry noted the following benefits:

  • Reuse of the leftover material and proper management of stocks.
  • Saves money and time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing the dossiers with complete details.

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