Discover Project Jugnoo
BODEX's Transformative Philanthropic Endeavor

Founders of BODEX firmly believe in the

principle of Paying it Forward

Our Commitment: 10 % (or more) of all profits will be dedicated to Philanthropy

Founders and Employees @ BODEX will abide by the following principles

  • Strive to be a Force for Good
  • Proactively look for opportunities where we can contribute
  • Be humble about this aspect
  • Never anticipate or expect anything in return

Our aim and objective is to contribute to the community and improve the quality of life of the unprivileged around the world to the best of our capacity

At BODEX we are passionate about making

the world a better place

A portion of our profits goes to helping kids around the world. Project Jugnoo is an effort started by BODEX founder Sumit Parashar and his wife Kanchan to be a force for good in the world.

Sumit’s family is from Rosad, a small village in central India where over 80% of the residents have no access to electricity. Project Jugnoo has already brought lighting, clothes, shoes, and most of all happiness of the residents and children of Rosad. This year over 150 children will receive android tablets which will allow them to learn new technologies.

We have Completed

many Projects