What our Former and Current Employees have to say about us

Jyoti Shukla

Former Programmer Analyst at BODEX

BODEX gave me the great opportunity to work on some high-end technologies like AEM/CQ 5.5, 5.6, and AngularJs, which helps me to shape my career ahead as a Full Stack developer.

While working with BODEX, I got the honor to volunteer some of the philanthropy projects directed and managed by the company, I could not be more satisfied and confident knowing that BODEX’s gifts positively impact children’s lives.

Our team had a very good understanding with other each and we had regular communication, listened and consider new ideas, and continually encouraging growth both personally and professionally.

As a fresher, I got the opportunity with an experienced team who had experience in a different industry, and each member was smart, collaborative, and willing to share the knowledge and direct us to the right path.

Positive attitude towards work and team members, we had a great opportunity for professional development and growth with the company.

BODEX’s culture is conducive to mentors with lots of opportunities to get involved with a different range of projects and technologies.

BODEX’s leadership demonstrates outstanding team-building abilities, Implements a team approach to highlight each team member’s accomplishments and achievements.

Would Jyoti recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?  Yes


Jyoti Shukla

Application Development Consultant
at OST (Open Systems Technologies, Inc.)

Dr Hari vachaani Sir
Hari Rao

Former Software Engineer at BODEX

I was the first employee in the BODEX Bhilai. BODEX is more than a company to me and Sumit sir is a great mentor, leader, and Philanthropist. I had a very great time in my working tenure and worked on multiple projects and technologies. At BODEX, customer and employee success and satisfaction are the top two priorities. The two go hand-in-hand, and as they build each other up, they create an external and internal army of brand ambassadors. I always remember Sumit sir told to me –  “The sky is not the limit ”

Technology: I had worked on multiple projects and technologies, i.e AEM, CMS, HTML, CSS, MEAN Stack, JAVA, Consulting customers, Lingotek.

Philanthropy: BODEX as an organization is always willing to contribute to society and humankind. I was also part of multiple philanthropy projects and I remembered every team meeting Sumit sir used to ask us about our weekly good deeds. Sumit Sir is a person creating a better world and impacting the lives of others as core values, and their team acts on their passions to support those values.

Teamwork: I worked with a fantastic team ( Virendra, Mayur, and Jyoti ) in the BODEX. We had a great time while working on the different projects and technologies. BODEX always believes in a positive work environment and clear communication within the team.  Sumit sir always believes in the – “Giving your employees more autonomy can help your team perform better overall. “ 

Culture: Transparency is key to BODEX culture and is embodied by everyone from the CEO ( Sumit sir ) to the latest hire. 

Leadership: Sumit sir is a people leader, transparent, accessible, honest, and authentic. Sumit sir is always available to everyone, it creates a sense that “we’re all in this together” and employees are much more likely to feel good about the goals they’re working towards and the company’s mission. 

Would you recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?

Yes, I do 😊


-Hari Rao

Sr. Digital Marketing Communications Specialist
Buhler Group

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