What our Former and Current Employees have to say about us

Jyoti Shukla

Former Programmer Analyst at BODEX

BODEX gave me the great opportunity to work on some high-end technologies like AEM/CQ 5.5, 5.6, and AngularJs, which helps me to shape my career ahead as a Full Stack developer.

While working with BODEX, I got the honor to volunteer some of the philanthropy projects directed and managed by the company, I could not be more satisfied and confident knowing that BODEX’s gifts positively impact children’s lives.

Our team had a very good understanding with other each and we had regular communication, listened and consider new ideas, and continually encouraging growth both personally and professionally.

As a fresher, I got the opportunity with an experienced team who had experience in a different industry, and each member was smart, collaborative, and willing to share the knowledge and direct us to the right path.

Positive attitude towards work and team members, we had a great opportunity for professional development and growth with the company.

BODEX’s culture is conducive to mentors with lots of opportunities to get involved with a different range of projects and technologies.

BODEX’s leadership demonstrates outstanding team-building abilities, Implements a team approach to highlight each team member’s accomplishments and achievements.

Would Jyoti recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?  Yes


Jyoti Shukla

Application Development Consultant
at OST (Open Systems Technologies, Inc.)

Dr Hari vachaani Sir
Hari Rao

Former Software Engineer at BODEX

I was the first employee in the BODEX Bhilai. BODEX is more than a company to me and Sumit sir is a great mentor, leader, and Philanthropist. I had a very great time in my working tenure and worked on multiple projects and technologies. At BODEX, customer and employee success and satisfaction are the top two priorities. The two go hand-in-hand, and as they build each other up, they create an external and internal army of brand ambassadors. I always remember Sumit sir told to me –  “The sky is not the limit ”

Technology: I had worked on multiple projects and technologies, i.e AEM, CMS, HTML, CSS, MEAN Stack, JAVA, Consulting customers, Lingotek.

Philanthropy: BODEX as an organization is always willing to contribute to society and humankind. I was also part of multiple philanthropy projects and I remembered every team meeting Sumit sir used to ask us about our weekly good deeds. Sumit Sir is a person creating a better world and impacting the lives of others as core values, and their team acts on their passions to support those values.

Teamwork: I worked with a fantastic team ( Virendra, Mayur, and Jyoti ) in the BODEX. We had a great time while working on the different projects and technologies. BODEX always believes in a positive work environment and clear communication within the team.  Sumit sir always believes in the – “Giving your employees more autonomy can help your team perform better overall. “ 

Culture: Transparency is key to BODEX culture and is embodied by everyone from the CEO ( Sumit sir ) to the latest hire. 

Leadership: Sumit sir is a people leader, transparent, accessible, honest, and authentic. Sumit sir is always available to everyone, it creates a sense that “we’re all in this together” and employees are much more likely to feel good about the goals they’re working towards and the company’s mission. 

Would you recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?

Yes, I do 😊


-Hari Rao

Sr. Digital Marketing Communications Specialist
Buhler Group

Chanchal Das

Former Software Engineer at BODEX

I feel very proud to be part of BODEX. My career has skied with the growth of the company. The extraordinary knowledge transfer across the different streams of the project has benefited a lot of employees. I am grateful to work in a place that makes us grow to greater heights.

Technology: As a member of BODEX, I was exposed to a wide range of new technologies, including AEM, J2EE, MEAN Stack, Digital Ocean, and many others.

Philanthropy: One of the objectives of BODEX is to help mankind in different ways. BODEX helps village children connect with today’s modern world by providing them with the proper gadgets and educational assets they need. I am proud to be part of this event.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Teamwork: Being part of a project in BODEX, all of my teammates and leads are friendly and supportive. When I got stuck, they help me out. They encourage me to take the initiative when presented with a new opportunity.

Culture: The overall work culture is very friendly and transparent, along with well-followed professionalism. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to grace their career at BODEX. maintain a proper work-life balance at BODEX so that resources can spend time with their families as well. It also organizes team-building activities like- team catchups, town halls, cultural events, etc. It works with fun.

Leadership: The BODEX leadership, is highly professional with a level of goals, mission, and proper vision. They focus on proactively taking steps to achieve these goals. They assist the lower-level management in scaling the overall organizational structure. At each management level, proper work culture is followed. Every employee is free to approach the management to share their ideas or concerns. Management makes sure that employees feel like a part of a family where their concerns are heard and resolved immediately. They pass on the same leadership qualities to follow.

Would you recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?

Yes, I strongly recommended joining BODEX.

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-Chanchal Das

AEM Developer

Darshana Dey Gupta

Former Software Engineer at BODEX & Currently Digital Marketing Coordinator At BODEX

Technology: It’s been a great opportunity to work with such an amazing startup. BODEX is the first organization from where I have started my career. As a fresher/intern, it gave me exposure to learn and gain practical experience on working with the latest and trending technologies like Adobe experience manager (AEM), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Java, WordPress, and how to work with APIs.

Here I have gained experience working as a Frontend Developer as I was involved mostly in designing the user interface (UI) part of the websites/web apps.

Philanthropy: With Sumit sir, we have done much philanthropy-related work in BODEX by contributing study materials, school dresses to underprivileged kids and school children.

Teamwork: I had a very awesome and friendly team at the workplace. They were very nice and helpful when asked for doubts or any discussions. They helped me to gain knowledge on various domains which helped me to excel in my career.

Culture: The environment is very friendly at the workplace. BODEX has a very healthy work culture. Anyone who joins here can definitely inculcate great knowledge and experience from here.

Leadership: In BODEX we were taught to learn how to work on any project from scratch following to generate leadership skills in you. You can lead a project or any work single-handedly.

Would you recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?

Yes, I definitely will recommend BODEX to my network.

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-Darshana Dey Gupta

Digital Marketing Coordinator
(SEO & Social Media Marketing Executive)

Sourabh Choudhary

Former Programmer Analyst at BODEX

I am a programmer analyst at BODEX, it’s my last day here so I would like to say something about BODEX.

So I was working here as a programmer analyst from the past 2 years, I have learned many technologies and so many new things here and I am very happy that I got a chance to work here.

The team here was very supportive and helpful. Every member of the team was very helpful and whenever we need help everyone supports each other. My overall experience was very good here, we have lots of ups and downs but I think at the end we helped each other and grew eventually.

Last but not the least, in the future, if I get a chance to work with BODEX again, I would really love to work here because everyone is very supportive and there are very pros of working here. So I would really recommend anyone to join BODEX and I would really love to work here again if I get a chance too.

Would you recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?

Yes, I strongly recommended joining BODEX.

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-Sourabh Choudhary

Programmer Analyst

Virendra Kashyap
Virendra Kumar Kashyap

Senior Software Engineer at BODEX

My Experience with the company is excellent. The company cares for its employee like a family member and taught each member of the company to be helpful and caring to others. We work as a team with every new challenge or task we got assigned and go with it in a smarter way. We enhance our skills and learn new skills like Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.


At BODEX, I have not only enhanced my technical knowledge but also learn how to code applying the best practices.

When I joined in 2015, I was familiar with frontend (HTML/CSS/JS) and in the backend (Core Java and Advance Java) but here I learned some new technologies like AEM, Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, and many more, which I don’t think any company in BHILAI was training or working on this.


BODEX does philanthropy and shares some part of its profit with needy people.

We are being a part of the Company and have done many philanthropy projects like drawing and stationery items distribution, shoe distribution, raincoat distribution, Tablets distribution, and many more. By getting inspired by all these, we started doing good deeds in day-to-day life, however; it is small.


One principle at BODEX or I can say a promise to myself that to be HELPFUL to my colleagues, and with this keeping in mind, we altogether communicate, express alternative ways, and productively complete any task.

We knew that for better outcomes we need effective teamwork spirit, communication, collaboration, and combined efforts.


At BODEX there is no Boss-Employee relationship. We all are an employee and treat each other as friends and family. We are leaving with an absence of office politics and support the philosophy of transparency. We have a clear vision and mission at BODEX.

Usually, at BODEX we have some small quiz competitions too and everyone proactively takes part, and a winner is awarded prize money.

We celebrate and enjoy everyone’s birthday, and with the team go to watch newly released movies


We time to time get motivated and encouraged.

We think positively and proactively about any task assigned to us.

We listen to as well as learn from others and time to time have knowledge base sessions and share them with the team.

BODEX measures and rewards the performance along with getting continuous feedback and area for improvement.

Would you recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?  Yes

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-Virendra Kumar Kashyap

Senior Software Engineer

Rajesh Kumar

Senior Software Engineer at BODEX

Working in BODEX is very inspiring for me, when I was in my first job, then I used to hear about BODEX and see smiles on their employees face, then I also thought that I also want to work in BODEX, And now here I am, here I got to see how an international company works and my skills are also developed more than ever, here what I like best here is the management, which puts us in direct contact with the owner, which is a great feeling for any employee

Technology: Earlier I used to work only in PHP, here node.js, react angular get to work in such the latest technology, there is no doubt in this that BODEX does work with the latest technology.

Philanthropy: I got the opportunity to do philanthropy work here and now it has become my habit, I have learned from Sumit Sir that whenever we do something good for someone, we should not expect anything from him by neglecting that work, and today, for this reason, we have been doing philanthropy work continuously.

Teamwork: Teamwork is very good in BODEX, no matter what the task, all the members help each other completely to complete it.

Culture: At Bodex we are not employees, we are family members, and we are all members of different families, but here become a BODEX family, which gives me a unique joy and passion to work here, all credit goes to Sumit Sir Who always treated us like his family.

Leadership: Leadership quality in BODEX came in a different shape for me, in all the projects and tasks I have done so far, I always got leadership guidelines and do the chance of leadership.

Would you recommend BODEX to your Friends and Family?

I have always encouraged my family and friends to come to Bodex whatever software field they are in,

I will try my best to make our team better

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-Rajesh Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

Rajesh kumar
Nikita Jain
Nikita Jain

Business Analyst at Technological University Dublin

After my college, I was thrilled to start my first job at BODEX as a Programmer Analyst, during this time I had the chance to engage with some talented folks and work on some challenging projects that enhanced my understanding and brought the expertise in application development using technologies like Angular 7, Node.js, Javascript, MongoDB, HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap, AEM, and web content management. The team was often given a thorough walkthrough of the client’s requirement and then we would progress with a proper project plan and scope in place. There were a few road blockers and hustling to overcome, them was my biggest learning. One of my learning includes managing time on multiple tasks and prioritizing things as per the project requirement.

BODEX boasts a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies that are designed to solve real-world problems and enhance efficiency in various industries. I have met some great minds here who works diligently to solve some business problem with the simplest yet most impactful solution. People here value team bonds and they help and respect each other, making work easier with collaboration.

The company follows Agile working and adopts new technologies very quickly, which gives employees an opportunity to learn and work on advanced tools. The company fosters an inclusive environment that encourages employees to share ideas, engage in open communication, and support each other to achieve their goals.

Lastly, BODEX is committed to philanthropy and giving back to the community. The company has a dedicated program for supporting charitable organizations, and actively encourages its employees to participate in volunteer activities and other forms of community outreach. This demonstrates their commitment to creating a better world and being responsible corporate citizens.

Overall, I highly recommend BODEX for its exceptional technologies, projects, culture, teamwork, and philanthropy. I am confident that the company’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility will continue to drive its success and positively impact its stakeholders.

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 Nikita Jain

Business Analyst
Technological University Dublin

Cassandra Vasquez

Former Administrative Manager & Projects Coordinator at BODEX

Everyone on the team at BODEX is really great and hardworking. I feel that our CEO Sumit always selects great people to be part of the team. I say that this is a Unicorn Job/Company because our CEO truly is trustworthy and ethical and maintains a culture at BODEX that is positive, supportive, balanced, and efficient. I have no doubt that even as we grow, Sumit will make sure this foundation remains.

-I like the perks of an office at WeWork (gym, common areas, free coffee/tea, occasional treats, and activities) and I like the snacks and bowl of chocolates we keep in the office haha

-I really really appreciate the flexibility BODEX provides when I have an appointment or family matter, etc. that I need to take care of during workday hours.

-Team lunches for birthdays

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Cassandra Vasquez

Billing Specialist

Cassandra Vasquez
Yuvraj Singh Verma

Former Human Resources Manager at BODEX

When it comes to BODEX, it’s not just a company but a family to work with. I was the first Human Resource Manager at BODEX Bhilai. And so was my warm welcome from the team which later on became my BODEX family. My sincere thanks to Sumit Sir for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to work for BODEX which encouraged me to grow both personally and professionally.

Technology: As a member of BODEX, I was exposed to a wide range of technologies, which helped me a lot to maintain my data which was very useful for me in the recruitment process.

Philanthropy: One thing I loved the most about BODEX is Philanthropy, which I could barely see in any other companies. BODEX always tried to help village children connect with the latest technologies by providing them with gadgets and various other educational assets they needed. I am proud to be a part of this event.

Teamwork: When it comes to my BODEX team, I am really thankful to all my teammates for providing me with such a positive work environment. I would especially like to thank Viren Sir and Rajesh Sir for their guidance and support throughout my work tenure.

Culture: For candidates thinking about joining BODEX just go ahead. BODEX is a nice company to work with as it gives you a platform to learn and work on your skills.

Leadership: A leader takes the people where they want to go. The same goes with Sumit Sir. He is the person who carries the whole team along no matter what the obstacles are. He is a very calm and spiritual person one has to not even think twice before speaking to him. I again thank him for giving me a chance to work under his leadership.

Would you recommend BODEX to your friends and family?

Without any doubt. Yes! I will.

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-Yuvraj Singh Verma

HR Management Consultant

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