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Let AI-based RecorDEX, host and manage your archived records in a safe, smart, and secure way.

The purpose of AI-enabled RecorDEX is to help the government transition fully to electronic records for increased efficiency, accuracy, and improved storage.

Benefits of Using AI-enabled RecorDEX

Agencies who use these services provided by BODEX see the following benefits:

  • M-19-21 Compliance
  • Optimized spending of tax-payer dollars
  • Worry-free and secure document management
  • Optimization of physical storage
  • Virtual organization of electronic records using tagging
  • A future-oriented platform for hosting electronic records
  • Electronic archival and search abilities of records
  • A customized UI to search for and preview electronic records
  • One-stop shop for ERM needs
  • Try before you buy

How does it relate to M-19-21?

AI-enabled RecorDEX expertise in scanning paper artifacts, Adobe PDF, electronic records storage (database and electronic files), and metadata management & has produced a secure, confidential, efficient, and cost-effective process to seamlessly convert agency records with military-grade encryption to comply with the M-19-21 Memorandum.

DMS new 2DMS Software
  • AI-enabled RecorDEX gains custody of the paper records.
  • With strict confidentiality and careful paper handling procedures, we tag the paper artifacts and create inventory.
  • The artifacts are scanned using powerful, high-capacity scanners using OCR to generate the PDFs.
  • It performs validation and enrichment of metadata on the PDFs.
  • Each PDF is then ingested in a file or asset management system.
  • Concurrently we take each PDF and run ETL (extract, transform, load) scripts to load the data into database records.
  • Then, BODEX’s quality assurance team verifies the conversion and conducts a second validation.
  • Based on guidance from the agency, we either return custody of the paper records or properly dispose of them.
  • A FedRAMP-authorized cloud-based storage platform.
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