BODEX builds custom applications as well as rewrites existing applications that are not performing well.

BODEX uses proprietary methodologies to make sure your custom applications are optimized and performing well.

Here are some critical aspects of our methodology

  • Conduct AS-IS Study
  • Create TO-BE Options
  • Create Technical Debt Elimination plan
  • Incorporate Performance and Security Considerations
  • Complete or Partial Redesign
  • Coding/Development Based on Above
  • Conduct QA, UAT
  • Support with Production Deployment
Do you need Custom Database(s)

that support your specific requirements and solve your unique business problems?

We Design and Create high performance Custom Databases using Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. You get to choose the DB or we can recommend the best option.

We Create new Database Models, Table Structures , E-R Diagrams or Optimize (Normalize) existing ones

Need a Non Relational DB? We are experts on MongoDB and can help you setup your Document/Asset Storage Non Transactional platform

We can set up Master Data Management or Transactional Records for your Data.

We are masters of Stored Packages, Procedures and Functions, have created many best practices since E F Codd introduced rules for RDBMS!

Do you need to build Multilingual applications?
Need your Custom Tools or Applications to speak and understand Multiple Languages?

Do you need to cater to an International Audience with Multiple Locales (Locations) and need to address them in their own dialects?

Yes, We can help you do that! We are champions in that.

We build custom applications that prompt users and accept responses in 73+ Languages Systems and Locales with context sensitivity.

Click of a Button, Translate and Localize your Apps, Win hearts and minds of your International Audience.

If you have an idea or concept of a Web or Mobile Application

You've come to the right place

Give BODEX a chance to build it for you…We will apply our proprietary methodology to make sure your site or application works to your specifications and satisfaction.



We are experts in the following platforms, as well as others. Let BODEX help you decide that platform is best for your project.