How BODEX Digitized and Organized Assets

Problem Statement

Many organizations rely heavily on digital assets to influence buying behavior and build brand awareness, and they need a centralized place where they can access their media assets. Also, these organizations want to connect with and engage their target audience.



Digital asset management (DAM) is a system for organizing, managing, and distributing digital assets.

Digital assets can include photos, music, videos, documents, and other multimedia content.

A DAM software also manages the rights and permissions of the stored assets.

DAM helps centralize and manage control over digital assets by setting up permissions and different access levels to files. This security allows your design team to control who has access to files, and to provide guidelines on where and how to use them.


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) delivers the best-in-class online customer experience. By providing dedicated homes for both website content and website assets (images and files) AEM puts customers at the center of all marketing efforts. The specific area of AEM that manages these website assets is the Digital Asset Manager.

Asset’s capability of Experience Manager provides the following:

  • Add and share images, documents, audio files, and video files in a variety of file formats.
  • Manage assets by grouping them by tags, Lightbox, or stars (your favorites). Add annotations to assets.
  • Find assets by searching file names, the full text of documents, and by searching dates, document type, and tags.
  • Add or edit metadata information for assets. Metadata is automatically versioned together with the corresponding asset. You can import or export asset metadata.
  • Perform image editing functions, such as scaling and adding image filters. Import and export multiple digital assets simultaneously using a WebDAV or CIFS folder.
  • Use workflows and notifications to allow joint processing and downloading of any set of assets and manage access rights to assets.


Among the main benefits of Digital Assets Management using AEM, and our happy client saw the following:

  1. Built-in DAM: AEM’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows to store content and manage visual assets on the cloud, enabling teams to access project files from multiple locations. This central storage improves work efficiency to a great extent.
  2. Creative Cloud Integration: The perfect way to bridge the marketing and DAM sides of your business. You get simplified workflows and can deliver high-quality content that is in sync with your company’s identity.
  3. Improved Search: AEM enables you to add metadata and tags to files uploaded in the cloud to allow easy access to the media. You spend less time looking for the correct media and it makes future searches faster and improves the team’s efficiency.
  4. Better Task Management: AEM offers individual workspaces for different projects and keeps the dashboard free from clutter. With every member having an assigned role in the structure, they can work in harmony among different groups. Features like comments and annotations help in providing feedback, making for a better workflow.
  5. Visual Media Conversion: The tool automatically converts your files into different formats to engage audiences across different platforms and channels.
  6. Efficient Video Management: AEM is used to showcase your products using a variety of videos on multiple screens. This drives engagement, leverages the customer’s experiences, and improves brand loyalty. Thanks to the insights and analytics that the tool offers, you can understand visitor behavior and manage content accordingly.
  7. Personalized Content: AEM provides you with a platform to deliver media content that oozes your brand’s personality. You can offer tailor-made solutions to your customers and deliver a consistent brand experience.

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