How BODEX facilitated systematic data enrichment and effective campaigning

Problem Statement

Many organizations are failing to utilize an entire category of data: digital experience metadata. As a result, decision-making lacks the context needed to ensure campaigns and content drive results with optimal efficiency. In contrast, leading brands are pursuing systematic data enrichment to standardize and incorporate metadata across the enterprise, leading to more effective campaigns, better content, and better customer experiences. So with these pain points, a client came to BODEX for a resolution and in addition they wanted the complete process to be automated.



We created a cloud-based data enrichment app that queries the Analytics Industry for a certain kind of unclassified tracking code that matches a specific regex, then disassembles the relevant parts of that tracking code, and finally queries the ad server product for any other Industry to find out what those parts stand for.

The app re-uploads those same decrypted tracking codes with all of their relevant attributes


to the Analytics Industry.

The app makes a query to Analytics Industry for undefined codes that match the ad server products of any other industry. It then breaks the code snippet according to predefined segments and finds out what each segment means by querying history and/or to any ad server product of different analytics Industries, and finally uploads the code snippets back with all the classification data included in them.

It comprises the following parts:

  • Basic framework which fulfills the project objective
  • Integrated secure Admin Panel
  • Logging of everything
  • Purge from temp record

Our BODEX developers worked and achieved the solution by making this data-

enrichment app thereby fulfilling all the client’s requirements.

The app provides an admin panel that pulls the code snippet from Analytics Industry, dissembles it, and searches each segment of code snippet in an ad server of a different analytics Industry making the code snippet more enriched than before and finally updates the data back to Analytics Industry from where it was pulled.

3+ month
Estimated working hour
1350+ hrs

Technology Stack Utilized



BODEX’s developers have created a solution that significantly improves real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all marketing channels of the Analytics Industry. The app allows users to discover high-value audiences and power customer intelligence for business.

Among the main benefits of using this app:

  • To track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns to allocate resources away from poorly performing campaigns and into the best performing campaigns.
  • For Reporting, Analysis, and data aggregation for Campaign Tracking Codes

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