How BODEX optimized and improved SEO Ranking of Large Enterprises websites

Problem Statement

Companies today have a variety of tools at their fingertips for creating these dynamic and engaging websites. For large enterprises, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) remains one of the most popular web content management systems available.

Adobe Experience Manager works well with sites interested in running eCommerce sites. Site owners can use the Product Information Management system to ensure accurate product entries. But they lack optimization of their content for SERPs and organic search.



This SEO tool integrates with AEM and helps to research what topics potential customers are searching for and the types of information that they want to find. Content can then be developed and optimized to meet this need. Marketers can use this optimizer to check for the best content structure while also receiving real-time feedback on how to create the effective content being sought by the brand.

SEO Company Content Optimizer brings the most powerful features and the intelligence of the SEO Company S3 platform seamlessly into Adobe Experience Manager through an enterprise-ready integration. For the first time, content authors can proactively know what to create before creating it. Online marketers can maximize business results from content through SEO (the largest digital channel), and content marketers can track what content works best for their company – a virtuous cycle enabled by the combination of SEO Company S3 and SEO Company Content Optimizer to drive the most value out of content across all digital marketing channels.

Now, content writers can increase the impact of their content while at the same time increasing their productivity. Authors can focus on the right topics. In addition, through an intuitive user interface, Content Optimizer guides writers in a step-by-step way to create content that is optimized for maximum traffic, conversions, and revenue without breaking or slowing down their content creation flow in AEM.

Key benefits for content authors:

  • Integration to SEO Company S3 — Provide content writers access to topics that are highest in demand and lowest in competition. Leverage the powerful research from SEO Company S3 that your SEO team has made available in Content Optimizer to focus on the right topics.
  • Integrated Workflow — Access Content Optimizer’s step-by-step guided user interface within the existing AEM page-editing menu sidekick. Continue your work in AEM while you seamlessly optimize content in parallel with the content creation process.
  • Real-time Content Coaching — Enhance content as you create it, saving time and effort while growing revenue. The technology guides you seamlessly through each step directly within AEM, prompting optimization recommendations for highly effective content. View the status of pages with instant feedback to track progress as changes are made.
  • Deploy Without Leaving AEM Built-in page audit assesses page content before it is published ensuring content is optimized from day one.




Administrators: Leverage a Flexible, Seamless, and Adaptive Integration

Organizations can easily customize the impact level of content for their different business units with automated web content policy management, all while maintaining a secure enterprise environment.

  • Designed for enterprise architecture — Working with current infrastructure and IT investments, data is transferred through HTTP proxy and standard package share installation.
  • Enterprise-grade security — Secure API access with government-level encryption policies.
  • Trusted technology — SEO Company actively supports over 7,200 account integrations via the SEO Company’s Connect API.

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