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Works With

M-Files V2 Vault

Seamless Translations within M-Files Vault!

This M-Files add-on Component allows M-Files users to translate their documents staying within their Vaults. This is a huge efficiency enhancer since they don’t have to email documents or perform copy/paste. Utilizing all the Frameworks that M-Files recommends this package builds a bridge between the system and the TMS (Translations Management System).
Once set up and configured this utility allows content to be sent in Machine Translate mode (for quick translations) and Human Translate mode for human translated content. After translation, the content is brought into the system so the user can preview their changes and download them using the same workflows they are familiar with.

Extremely easy to >Setup >Configure >Use


BETC for M-files

M-Files is an intelligent information management platform based on Metadata that is System-neutral and Intelligent.

  • Stay within M-Files & get Translations done
  • No E-mails, No need to E-Mail and then download translated files.
  • No Copy & Paste
  • No Shared Drives
  • Blazing Fast
  • Effortlessly switch between Hybrid & Automated Translation
  • Minimal or No IT Support Needed
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Connector Optimizes Communication between M-Files and TransDEX by reducing network traffic and optimizing performance
  • Incredibly Fast

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