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Blue Ocean Strategy Applied to Software Development....

Why Do We Exist


Our expertise is the key to fulfilling your mission. We leverage the latest technologies to create flexible, affordable solutions for companies around the globe. We work closely with you to drive creativity, and reshape the digital world. If you can dream it, we build it.

Advanced Software Development


Time and Cost

Stay nimble while controlling costs
We free you up to focus on your core business while we focus on delivering the best solution in the shortest time.


Streamline Outdated and Manual Processes

By eliminating repetitive, manual tasks we can reduce wasted time that exists in your processes today.


We Make the Cloud Easy

Whether it’s AWS, MS Azure, Digital Ocean or Linode let us guide you in your journey to the Cloud and ensure significant ROI.


Architecture that Supports Growth and Expansion

We are fluent in many architecture environments and will design your platform to scale with you as you grow.

Powerful Services

Our Hybrid Approach Works For You

Web Content Management

WCM Using AEM, Episerver, Acquia

Custom Web Application Development

We are champions of Web App Dev.

Expert Consulting

Each member of our leadership team has over 25 years experience and knows how to collaboratively identify the pain-points worth solving and design and implement a plan for today and the future.

Our Products

AEM Deployment Manager (AEMDM)

Our breakthrough technology (Patent Pending) in AEMDM automates creation of instances and deployments. AEMDM can Create, Maintain, and Monitor your AEM deployment resulting in greater efficiency and a more cost effective operation. Start leveraging BODEX AEM expertise today.

BODEX Experience Translations Connector (BETC)

Our proprietary translation connector BETC eliminates manual processes and speeds up communication, all within the framework of Author Interface, Projects, and Tasks.
Connecting your site to a translator with BETC gives you near-real-time translation capabilities instantly increasing your reach while allowing you to remain nimble and responsive.

What We Do

We Enable Engaging Online Experiences

BODEX exists because of the passion of its founders to transform ideas and concepts into real high performing and extremely efficient software applications.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in every facet of software development, from design to deployment, goes into everything we do. That experience is evident in every line of code we write.

Key Platforms

From CQ to AEM,

BODEX has seen it all. We have a unique AEM specific development methodology, refined over years of real-world experience that has been successfully implemented for numerous clients resulting in significant time and materials savings. We also have SAAS products that will accelerate building your AEM solutions. Details here...


 MEAN Stack, Web Application Development on Steroids

Web Application Development on SteroidsThe future of Web Application Development is here. Millennials love MEAN Stack and so do we. BODEX has developed many web applications on MEAN Stack, in some cases adding MySQL, using .NET as back-end and others to achieve stunning results. Mongo Express Angular and NODE! Welcome to the future.

MEAN Stack

 Journey to Cloud

Cloud is no longer the future. It is here and now. We are experts with AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean, Linode, and everything Cloud. We can support migration and development to any platform. Learn More


 Java: The Sun still has a few billion years left!

Java has become almost the default way things get done and it is one of our core competencies. We are fluent in everything JAVA and it has an awesome logo.



With MS Azure, Microsoft has again set out to rule the enterprise world. We are MS Partners and have helped many clients with their .NET based application design and implementations. We speak microservices, service fabric language fluently.


We are, Your Bridge to the Cloud

Assess Consult Review | Collaborate Create Design | Release Observe Refine

This Undertaking could be complex but allow us to make it easy for you

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