BODEX Deployment Manager



Let BODEX manage your

AEM deployment so you have time to manage your business.

Cloud Spend
Optimize your cloud spend with proactive cost monitoring for increased ROI and savings
Efficiency Enhancer
Build and launch full deployments in minutes rather than weeks
Cloud Host Agnostic
Use AWS, MS Azure, Digital Ocean or any other host. Switch from one provider to another with ease. BDxDM can even track multiple hosts
Multiple Business Units
BDxDM is fully multi-tenant and can support multiple business units enforcing all EA mandates.
Artificial Intelligence based auto-scaling
BDxDM monitors instance heartbeat data to make predictions and automatically take proactive actions to keep your systems at peak performance
Enterprise Architecture Standardization
Define templates for instances and deployments which are then enforced by BDxDM
SAAS or On-Premises
Choose the option that best suits your model - BDxDM supports both