Organize your content with metadata
The traditional folder-based way to store and find information can be challenging when there's a lot of information that needs to be found, accessed and managed. Why not do it in a better way with metadata?
Search for information in any system or repository
Typically, organizations use more than three separate content management systems. Why not integrate all of these into one view to find and use information, regardless of where it is stored?
Use content anytime, anywhere, with any device
Travel a lot? Need access to documents and content while out of office, outside the network connection on your mobile device? No worries, M-Files lets you access your information offline with a mobile device.
Collaborate Efficiently
Collaboration can be easy with the right tools. With M-Files, you always have just one common version of a document. You can easily share it with anyone and add workflows to automate your business processes.
Turn your Office Paperless
A lot of official documents still come in paper format. You can improve efficiency by transforming those paper documents into searchable PDF documents, and by managing those documents with automated workflows.
Comply with Laws and Regulations
Compliance can be hard to achieve without automated tools that help you keep track of changes and create an audit trail. M-Files automates compliance so that you can sleep better at night.
Automate workflows for better business process management
Manually keeping track of tasks, deadlines, acceptance flows and different kinds of business processes can be a demanding task. Why not improve efficiency and automate your workflows and processes?
Let artificial intelligence take care of routine document handling
Artificial intelligence and machine learning may be cutting edge and tough to understand. However, to gain the benefits from them in your daily information management, you don't need to be an expert. Just let the self-learning, out-of-the-box AI within M-Files automate the boring routine office work.
Use M-Files the way your business needs to
No business is similar. Thus, the use cases for information management should not be similar either. M-Files lets you configure the platform or use templates to support general use cases. Additionally, several add-ins and APIs help you configure it just the way you need to.