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To install the connector, navigate to the AEM package manager of your Author environment (located at http://:/crx/packmgr/index.jsp) and install and activate the package. Click the Upload Package button, Once selected, click the Ok button then Click the Install button to install the connector. Click Install on the following prompt.

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Once installed, Cloud Services for TMS need to be configured. Open the Tools menu in AEM then Click on the Cloud Services panel in the Deployment menu after that Scroll to the BETC item and click on Configurations. This will open a dialog to give a name for your new configuration. Only the Title is a required field. The name will be automatically generated. Click the Create button then The page will be forwarded to configure the BETC Cloud Config.

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The account must first be connected before configuration. Click the Connect Account button. The page will be forwarded to the TMS single sign-on page. Login to this site using available credentials. Once signed in, the TMS Cloud Config page will display that the account is connected. Then Select a preconfigured Community and its Project. Click OK.


Once these default settings are configured, they can be applied and used on any AEM site.

Once BETC is configured with TMS then Open the AEM Navigation Console and select Projects. and create a project for translation. Fill in all basic and advanced fields that are required.

After the created project opens it and go to the translation job and click on the translation job title after that click the add button. Now select the Page/Assets option, you can see the select path dialog. Navigate to the desired page which you wishing to translate.

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To start translation click on start and your translation will start translation your desired page or content.

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Types of


Machine Translation

High-quality machine translation is possible today with neural MT and can help businesses rapidly increase the speed at which communications to customers and prospects can be tailored for international markets. Businesses looking to effectively address the multilingual requirements across product, engineering, marketing, support, and other internal groups, will require a machine translation solution that is powerful, secure, and flexible to adapt to changing requirements in terms of content type, format, linguistic style, and target deployment.

BETC offers website translation using Machine Translation Method. High-quality machine translation is possible today with BETC. Here we introduced the video demonstration below, How you can translate your website using Machine Translation.

Human Translation

Although there are machines that can do translations, human translation is still the best form of translating any written document, be it books, legal documents, manuals, product information, websites, personal documents, magazines, letters, and advertisements. It means that human translators carry out all the processes involved in the translation of the written text.

BETC offers website translation using the Human Translation Method that simplifies the process of Translation. Here we introduced the video demonstration below, How you can translate your website using Human translation.