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Deployment, so you have time to manage your business.

BDM offers end-to-end deployment management capabilities that help optimize cloud spend and infrastructures utilization efficiency for our clients.  We do this with machine learning and artificial intelligence to auto-scale your instances using enterprise architecture standards. We can deploy to multiple cloud hosts or on-premise if so desired

Cloud Spend
Optimize and consolidate your cloud spend. Constant monitoring results in huge ROI and $$$ savings.
Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence (Ml) based Auto Scaling:
Instances send heartbeats to Deployment Manager that share it with Ml, we can then make predictions and recommendations in real-time.
Enterprise Architecture (EA) Standardization:
Enterprises can create templates of instances and deployments to standardize across the company saving time and money.
Multiple Business Units
BODEX can support multiple business units keeping EA mandates enforced.
Efficiency Enhancer
BODEX can deploy instances in a few hours rather than weeks creating significant efficiencies.
Cloud Host Agnostic
We support Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, or any other host of your choice. Migrate from one provider to another with our help.
SAAS or On-Premises
BODEX can work on both instances.
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