How BODEX brought speed and automation to the
cloud deployment process

Problem Statement

Many Industries face issues in the cloud deployment process of multiple cloud hosts or on-premises if so desired. Migration from one cloud host provider to another became very challenging as well as troublesome to them. Lack of standardization and optimization was scaling down their efficiency.



At BODEX we studied the problem statement and built an app named “BDxDM” which was developed inhouse. This tool enables a smooth journey to the cloud.

It provides the following features:

  • Cloud Spend: Optimize and Consolidate your Cloud spend. Proactive cost-based monitoring results in huge ROI and $$$ Savings.
  • Multiple Business Units: Inherently multitenant BDxDM can support multiple business units keeping EA mandates enforced.
  • Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence (MI) based Autoscaling: Instances send heartbeats to BDxDM. When BDxDM shares that with MI, it can make predictions and recommendations. Based on this automated proactive information, actions are taken.
  • Efficiency Enhancer: Building a deployment in a few hours rather than weeks is a major efficiency enhancer.
  • Cloud Host Agnostic: Go with AWS or MS Azure or Digital ocean or any other host of your choice. Switch from one provider to another with ease. Use Multiple hosts together.
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) Standardization: Enterprises can define templates of instances and deployments, Based on such data, companies can standardize.
  • SAAS or on Prem: BDxDM can work on both models.


This Enterprise tool:

  • Can be deployed at a client premise or used as a service hosted by BODEX.
  • Allows users to Create, Manage, Monitor, AEM instances/deployments
[An AEM instance is one unit install of AEM standalone]
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for managing all the instances and deployments belonging to the user.
  • The user can create a new instance or deployment, and thereby manage and monitor adccordingly
  • Allows user to modify an instance or deployment
  • Monitor vital stats of the deployment by viewing a monitoring page
6+ month
Estimated working hour
1500+ hrs

Technology Stack Utilized



BDxDM innovatively automates the process, thereby saving weeks of labor, and incorporates Adobe recommended best practices into the deployment which makes it robust, secure, and fault-tolerant.

Among the main benefits of this app:

    • Automation: Speed of building deployments, Cost savings for the Enterprise.
    • Host Agnostic: Client chooses which Cloud provider to go with and can create instances across various providers.
    • Instance standardization
    • Multitenant, BDX multiclient, Client multiple business unit
    • Manage instance not Virtual Machine
    • Cost Monitoring & Management built-in
    • Proactive Deployment Monitoring

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