Frequently Asked Questions

What does BETC Stand For?

Ans: BETC stands for BODEX Experience Translation Connector.

Which Platform does BETC Work with?

Ans: BETC currently works with Adobe Experience Manager and Lingotek.

What value does BETC provide?

Ans: BETC provides a seamless mechanism to translate content within AEM Authoring environment.

Does BETC use Adobe Recommended best practices and Frameworks?

Ans: Yes, BETC use Adobe recommended best practices for Translations and uses Adobe Recommended Framework for Translations ie TIF Translation Integration Framework. 
This not only assures compliance with Adobe mandates but also assures smooth upgrades to newer versions of AEM.

Can BETC be deployed with any AEM version?

Ans: Yes, BETC can deployed with current AEM versions (AEM 6.3 and 6.2).

Has BETC Been performance process optimized?

Ans: Yes, Translation is carried out using parallel processes, to perform the faster translation. A lot of clever hacks are included to make it work blazing fast!

Can you describe a typical AEM deployment that uses BETC?

Ans: BETC can be downloaded from Adobe Package Share OR HERE. You will need to get credentials from Lingotek [] 
BETC is an AEM Package that gets deployed on an Author Instance. 
In order to communicate with the Lingotek, Cloud services are needed to be configured first then authors can choose Human or Machine translation mode via Projects or Sites console. Detailed Instructions to Deploy the package are here Learn More   ​

How do I configure proxy on my environment for BTEC?

Ans: You can configure your BETC's proxy by following this BETC proxy setup checklist.