Adobe Experience Manager

Not only are we Adobe Solution Partners, we are experts in all aspects of AEM implementation. Put that expertise to enhance your AEM deployment.

AEM is the world’s #1 Content Management System (CMS). It has consistently shown up as number one in analyst ratings during the last few quarters. Chances are, it will continue to lead the pack for the foreseeable future.



We believe there is a solid technical reason for AEM’s success. With years of experience in Web Content Management, we came to the realization that a 3-tier architecture doesn’t work well for content management. A RDBMS-based repository is great for transactional systems, but content management is a completely different problem to solve. For enterprise applications, a JCR (Java Content Repository, a specification)-based repository that supports AEM is the KEY to managing complex content. With the solid backing of Adobe Marketing Cloud, AEM is here to stay.

AEM takes a different approach to content management. When implemented properly, its power and simplicity will improve efficiency, communication, and content quality. A solid implementation, leveraging standards and best practices, will set your enterprise up for long-term CMS success.

BODEX is here to help you maximize utilization of your investment in AEM. If you are implementing AEM, BODEX would love to help!

We are experts in all facets of AEM Implementation, including:

Multi Site Manager
Multi Lingual Sites

With our data extraction skills, BODEX can also help you with Content Migration from your current CMS To AEM.

Other key AEM capabilities and services we offer:

  • Infrastructure Design to support AEM
  • Integration Options with ERP and Back-End Systems
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security Audit
  • Implementation Audit