01 Nov 2017

BODEX Experience Translations Connector (BETC)

Seamless Translations within Authoring EXPERIENCE! This connector allows AEM Authors to Translate experiences staying within their familiar grounds of Author Interface, Projects and Tasks. Utilizing all the Frameworks that Adobe recommends, this package builds a bridge between an AEM instance and Lingotek (the translation provider that powers this integration) Translations Management System.

Once setup and configured this utility allows content to be sent in Machine Translate mode (for quick translations) and Human Translate mode for human translated content. After translation, the content is brought into AEM so the Authors can preview their changes and publish them using the same workflow they are familiar with. Extremely easy to Setup, Configure and Use.

Built using Adobe Translation Integration Framework [TIF] as foundation.

• Works with 6.2, 6.3

• Future-proof : Hassle Free upgrades to next version(s) of AEM

• In-Context Preview

• Effortlessly switch between Machine Translation and Human Translation Mode.

• Built by System Integrators with years of experience Integrating AEM with TP Engines and platorms

• Minimal IT Support needed

• ZERO manual copy paste

• Page meta data Supported

• Data Dictonaries Supported

• i18n Tags Supported

• Connector Optimizes Communication between AEM instances and Lingotek TMS thereby reducing network traffic and optimizing performance

• Blazing Fast!


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