How BODEX increased sales
and made a Stronger Brand Image in the
Translation Industry

Problem Statement

One of the major challenges in the translation industry is the interchange of data between different systems that are involved in the translation process. For example, from Adobe Experience Manager to a Translation Management System (TMS).

By integrating AEM with a TMS, you can benefit from a smooth and secure transfer of content between the platforms that will ensure high-quality, consistent translations that you can distribute to your new markets quickly.



We at BODEX, have enough experience of AEM integration with TMSs. We developed and built a connector, which connects AEM with a TMS, and works very efficiently.

The Adobe Translation Integration Framework [TIF] is used as a foundation by the connector.

Adobe Experience Manager

The connector initially builds a bridge between an AEM Instance and the Translation Service Provider.

It provides you the best machine and the fastest Human translation for delivering your brand to consumers abroad, in the quickest and most effective way possible.



This connector provides all Translation related statistics at a glance.

It also provides easy access to Utilities to manage AEM Translation Management

Resources like:-

  • Cloud Service Configuration
  • View/Edit/Test Cloud Configuration
  • View All Translation Jobs and Status
  • Translate Product Components
  • Test Network Connectivity with TMS

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