Digitizing Physical Records

Problem Statement

Many federal and state agencies today are facing the challenge of converting years’ worth of physical paper artifacts into electronic records.

Especially now, in order to comply with the M-19-21 directive from the Executive Office of the President, these agencies need a solution to convert their records efficiently and securely with appropriate Electronic Records Management (ERM) including storage, formats, and metadata.


We at BODEX are experts in ERM and have years of experience relating to databases, asset management, and custom software development

With our expertise in scanning paper artifacts, Adobe PDF, electronic records storage (database and electronic files), and metadata management, we know that we are in a great position to provide the perfect solution.

We have come up with a secure, confidential, efficient, and cost-effective process to seamlessly convert agency records with military-grade encryption to comply with the M-19-21 Memorandum.

  • BODEX gains custody of the paper records.
  • With strict confidentiality and careful paper handling procedures, we tag the paper artifacts and create inventory.
  • The artifacts are scanned using powerful, high-capacity scanners using OCR to generate the PDFs.
  • We perform validation and enrichment of metadata on the PDFs.
  • Each PDF is then ingested in a file or asset management system.
  • Concurrently we take each PDF and run ETL (extract, transform, load) scripts to load the data into database records.
  • Then, BODEX’s quality assurance team verifies the conversion and also conducts a second validation.
  • Based on guidance from the agency, we either return custody of the paper records or properly dispose them.
  • Finally, the “Deliverable” is provided to the agency containing all of the digitized records and information in the form of either:
    • A secure, military-grade encrypted hard drive with a digital assets generator, or
    • A FedRAMP authorized cloud-based storage platform.

How does it work?


  • M-19-21 Compliance
  • Optimized spend of tax-payer dollars
  • Worry-free and secure document management
  • Optimization of physical storage
  • Virtual organization of electronic records using tagging
  • A future-oriented platform for hosting electronic records
  • Electronic archival and search abilities of records
  • A customized UI to search for and preview electronic records
  • One-Stop shop for ERM needs
  • Try before you buy

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